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    Intro to Mindfulness

    Mindfulness has become quite popular over the last few years, but what is it exactly? In it’s simplest form, mindfulness is curated by 3 basic principles:

    • present moment awareness
    • mind-body connection
    • non-judgment

    present moment awareness

     Life is pretty busy for most people. We often find ourselves multi-tasking or mentally zoning out. The most important and basic principle of mindfulness is present moment awareness. Being fully connected with what is happening in the now, rather than the past or future. We can’t be present all the time, but we certainly can increase how often we are fully here in the present.

    mind-body connection

    Our body is always in the present moment. My body is here in my comfy chair typing these words, right here, right now. However, that doesn’t mean our mind is always here. As I physically sit here and type, I might be mentally making my grocery list, singing lyrics to a song that is stuck in my head, or planning my lunch. Mind-body connection means exactly that- connecting our mind and body in the same place at the same time. Instead of multi-tasking, we bring our full attention to whatever task we are doing in the present moment.


    Non-judgment is arguably one of the harder aspects of mindfulness. Being in a non-judgmental state means observing something neutrally without adding any criticism or value to it. If I am asked to describe a pen I might say- made of plastic, black ink, a cap on top, x brand. This is non-judgmental observation- I am just noting the facts. However, if I were to say “this is the worst pen ever,” “I hate this pen,” etc. I am stepping out of observation mode and inserting value, criticism, and judgement.

    Mindfulness is a practice- it is not something we “achieve.” Choose one of these principles to focus on and see if you can integrate it throughout your week. Stick around to build on your mindfulness knowledge and practice!