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    Boundaries- What are they?

    The word, “boundaries” seems to be the newest buzzword for therapy, but what does it really mean? Boundaries is a tool used for self- advocacy and the protection of our emotional and/or physical wellbeing. Boundaries can take many forms and can start small. 

    Do you find yourself feeling resentful towards others? Does it feel as though your constantly putting in more effort for others than they do for you? This may be a sign that boundaries could be implemented in your life. Boundaries allow us to identify our limits and effectively communicate this to others. In order for boundaries to be implemented, we have to acknowledge the role we play in our relationships and how this role impacts our ability to feel valued. 

    How do you feel when you think about implementing a boundary? Do you worry if others will still accept you? If yes, this is absolutely normal. It may not feel natural to identify your own needs before thinking of others. This is great insight and an essential first step to create a shift to this pattern. 

    A therapeutic space can provide the empowerment and safety needed to engage in the exploration of our own needs. When we begin to recognize our own needs, we allow ourself permission to show up authentically in our relationships. Let’s take this first step together.