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    How do I know if therapy is something I need?

    So you have found yourself on our website and now you are reading this blog post. This could be a sign that part of you is curious about therapy and how this could impact your life. At its core, therapy is intended to be a safe space with zero judgement. Do you find yourself needing to talk to someone that is unbiased? Are you feeling unsatisfied with your current relationships or well being? Have you received feedback from others that encouraged you to seek support? 
    Each person seeks therapy for different reasons. As therapists, it is our job to meet you exactly where you are at. Maybe you have no idea why you want therapy, but something is drawing you to it; this is totally okay. The truth is, sometimes you don’t need a “reason” to seek therapy, the reason can always be discovered. 
    Whatever the reason, or no reason at all, we are here to support you. Identifying a need for therapy is a success in itself. You are acknowledging a need for support and seeking it. It takes courage to take this step and we are ready to listen.